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Kent Wildlife Trust


Competition 2017

The relocation of the Kent Wildlife Trust 'Ark” Building connects the two large lakes at the natural passing point for the trail walks, capitalising on the best views and inviting visitors into the facilities. From here (at a protected distance from the parking) visitors are fully immersed in the beautiful landscapes and wildlife which surrounds them. 

Our key idea was to bring nature in, engaging through different perspectives in; on; and over the landscape. 

The design seeks to become an all weather, all year destination, engaging all the senses to be immersive and connective at every level; seeing (perspectives in-on-over & digital hides), hearing (microphones & sound listening hoods), feeling (tactile material surfaces and water level hide), tasting (restaurant with herb garden), smelling (sensory courtyard garden).

As well as ‘analogue’ means of connecting with nature, the proposal should utilise new digital technologies to their maximum potential. The virtual exhibition space allows visitors to be transported via live feeds to hides around the site, nationally or internationally, to observe and learn about different habitats. The interactive exhibition space has a panorama window facing the water, where augmented reality technology allows historical views of the site to be overlaid over the current scenery, bringing to life its heritage.