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Realising Dreams

When you buy a listed property, it’s not because it makes financial sense but because you’ve fallen in love with the building, its character, its charm, its context. Historic houses often have generous rooms, higher ceilings and unique windows, bigger gardens and a more mature setting than new builds. They also have a story, which an extremely exciting medium to work with…

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Designing for Experience

Hiring an Interior Designer may seem like a luxury, but the benefits far outweigh the investment. When clients have been in an environment for a while, they often fall into the routine of their current space which can make them blind to its potential. Equally, a new investment can often fuel the imagination beyond what is sensible to achieve. We are dedicated to each creative brief that we are given, listening to your aspirations and tailoring a bespoke creative vision which can be delivered by our expert contacts and suppliers.

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Getting the most from your office redesign

Creativedesign of the physical environment around us has the power to innovate businesses and reinforce a company's identity. Our personal identities can also be strongly linked with our work environment, not just our home setting, which makes an aspirational workspace a key contributor to our overall wellbeing. If you’re thinking of creating a new work environment to accommodate business growth or to facilitate a change in direction, here are some key things to consider before starting to give you the best chance of success…

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Does sustainability have to mean biomass boilers and solar panels?

We recently submitted an opinion piece for the architecture competition organiser Bee Breeders’ first issue print publication, ARCHHIVE; which will focus on affordable housing. The question was ‘what is affordable housing’. Our premise was that a successful building or home has to be affordable for the specific user, as well as affordable for the environment. 

This article, as well as the upcoming London Affordable Housing Challenge design competition, has got us thinking about the broader meaning of a valuable sustainable design response…

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