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Linchpin labs

Interior design

approx £180,000

Detailed design stage 


Linchpin Labs entered into a long term lease on a upper floor office space in Soho, London (approx 160m2). KVIST were appointed to ensure that they got the best out of the space as a whole, by creating an inspirational work environment that represented added value to their company. The work environment is informal and encourages personalisation, reinforcing an established culture that the team were keen to preserve. The nature of the work required wide desk spaces to accommodate multiple/large computer screens, and 3-4 double sockets per desk with bespoke cable provision. The design of the office space needed to respond flexibly to both the short and long term growth requirements of the company whilst ensuring employee privacy for sensitive NDA projects. The proposal includes workspace for co-developer collaboration, a server/IT/tech room, meeting room for 4-8 people, social breakout and eating/hot-desking spaces.

The design delivers a crisp welcoming nordic aesthetic which appealed to the client, as well as reinforcing Scandinavian aspects of management and culture through design principles. Variable task and room lighting was important to facilitate comfortable 24 hour habitation when working on international projects; and creating ambience.