Branding and packaging design for Peruvian snacks

For over a year we have been working with a private Peruvian entrepreneur seeking to import and sell local snacks to the Norwegian retail market. Assisting with graphic design concepts and mock ups, KVIST Design has produced marketing material for presentations, pitches and market research purposes at the initial stages. From the outset we have supported the client with creative direction and provided advice to assist with securing product partners for the supply chain in both Peru and Norway.

Inca Gold brings you natural gourmet snacks direct from the mountains of Peru.









Food & Snacks

Concept & Product Development


The graphic concept for the packaging draws upon traditional Incan textiles and colours, represented as three variations for each of the snacks within the product family. Working with a Peruvian photographer and the client, images were carefully commissioned and selected to evoke the spirit of the locals, reinforced by the stories on the reverse of the packaging which tell of the snacks' heritage. It was important to consider the preferences of the Scandinavian market and so design development included altering the colours towards a more traditional Norwegian palette and ensuring the product was visible through the packaging.